About Us

Welcome to the Global Animal Welfare Authority!

The Global Animal Welfare Authority (GAnWA) provides individuals, companies, universities and research centres, veterinary professionals and animal production and processing personnel with expert training, and increased awareness of the law as it relates to animal welfare.

Far more than static didactic training, GAnWA training will also assist you in developing critical thinking skills in the area of animal welfare, and the application of an objective approach to assessment of the use of animals in society.

Take some time to review our introduction to animal welfare course – an immersive online training module – that will lay the foundation of industry-specific courses to come!

Who Are We?

GAnWA is a team of legal, veterinary an educational design experts who are committed to providing world-class online education in the field of animal welfare. Our courses are designed using the latest in online instructional design, and are delivered by internationally respected legal and veterinary professionals, with vast experience in the field of animal welfare.