Animal Welfare and The Law Webinars: Sentient Animal Series


Animal Welfare & The Law Webinars

Sentient Animal Series

This online event is packed with interactive educational sessions and provides you with the opportunity to get an informative inside look at the emerging animal-rule book realities that will change business, trade, and the lives of tomorrow’s people and animals.


Upon completion of these lectures you will:

  • Be able to clearly state the critical changes to animal welfare law that have already been implemented.
  • Be familiar with the differing perspectives of key stakeholders on how those changes will impact the activities of people and the lives of animals
  • Know how those changes are incorporated into the blueprint for tomorrow’s global animal welfare law
  • Have a practical checklist that distinguishes genuine governance and corporate responsibility from window-dressing and lip-service amongst businesses, industries and countries.
  • Know whether changes are “right”- or not
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Animal Welfare & The Law Webinars Sentient Animal Series

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Wednesday, September 6

19:00 AEST Sydney

“How do you want the law to define sentience so that it benefits people and animals?” Registration Closed

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Dr lan A. Robertson Barrister and Animal Law Specialist
Guardianz Pty Ltd

Ian is an internationally recognised legal specialist on the subject of animals, welfare and the law. Ian originally trained as a veterinarian then added a law degree with the specific intention of specializing in the area of animal law. Ian is the author of the book “Animals,welfare and the law”, and continues to fulfill roles as a law lecturer and specialist advisor to international organisations and corporates on matters involving animal welfare. Ian is a former prosecutor and is now the Principal of Guardianz Lawyers and Consultants working as a Barrister and Solicitor specializing in the area of animal law and related subject areas of bio security and food safety.

Wednesday, September 13

19:00 AEST Sydney

“The law has changed. What does this mean for animal welfare standards? A regulators perspective.” Registration Closed

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Dr Kate Littin Manager Animal Welfare
Ministery of Primary Industries
New Zealand

Kate is an expert who applies animal welfare sciences to policy, legislation, and animal welfare risk assessment (for both domestic and international animal welfare standards). This work is across all uses and interactions with animals, from livestock production and companion animals to service and working animals and wildlife. She has filled professional roles for over a decade in animal welfare policy and standards (Home Office, UK and New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries) after ten years working in the animal research sector. Her responsibilities include development of New Zealand’s Codes of Welfare, and being New Zealand’s OIE National Focal Point for Animal Welfare.

Wednesday, October 11

19:00 AEDT Sydney

“Treating the Sentient Animal” – A Veterinary Perspective”
Registration Closed

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Dr Philip Judge Director - Vet Education Pty Ltd ( Consultant in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, James Cook University

Dr Philip Judge is a veterinarian who is not just at the frontline of animal healthcare, but at the emergency end of it, where crucial timely decisions are critical to the well-being of the animal and owner alike. The veterinary profession promotes itself as societies “animal health and welfare specialists.” They are expected to be the animal’s champion, and the animal related expert who provides up-to-date advice that impact the well-being, safety, and life of animals. Philip is in a unique position to advise how the critical changes will recognise the experience of the animal.

Thursday, October 12

19:00 AEDT Sydney

“What changes for animal production industry with the sentient animal?”Registration Closed

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Dr Lindsay Burton General Manager,
Veterinary Technical and
Risk Management at Fonterra.

Dr Lindsay Burton is General Manager, Veterinary Technical, and Risk Management at Fonterra which is a leading multinational dairy company and the world's largest exporter of dairy products. Lindsay graduated with a veterinary degree from Massey University (New Zealand) and has held a range of key senior advisory positions in the course of his career including roles with the NZ Dairy Board, the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), and Chair of the Farm to Processor Animal Welfare Forum. He brings extensive real-world and evidence-based experience, expertise and insights on the future of animals from an industry perspective.

Wednesday, November 1

19:00 AEDT Sydney

“Will the sentient animal spell the end of factory farming? An NGO perspective.” Registration Closed

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Philip Lymbery Chief Executive
Compassion of world farming

A passionate animal campaigner, he is Chief Executive of leading animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming. Philip is also author of bestselling book 'Farmageddon' about the impact of factory farming. With his lobbyist activities, he has played a key role in banning at European level some of the cruellest industrial farming systems. Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive Officer of Compassion in World Farming, underlines the biggest paradox of the food system.

Thursday, November 2

19:00 AEDT Sydney

“How to help professionals who are trying to protect people and animals: Dilemmas from the trenches of handling animal abuse cases.” Registration Closed

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Lila Miller, Veterinarian Vice-President American Society
for Protection of Animals (ASPCA)

Dr. Lila Miller is a veterinarian who is recognised across the USA and internationally for her work. Her career has included being the Director of the ASPCA's Brooklyn Clinic, Vice President of ASPA specialist programs, and insights working on the National Board of Medical Examiners and the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, as a member of the executive committee of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, and on the New York State Board of Veterinary Medicine. She is the recipient of numerous awards including, for example, the Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award from the American Animal Hospital Association, the AVMA Animal Welfare Award, and the prestigious Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine who have distinguished themselves in service to the profession and their community. She continues to lecturing, writing, and developing programs that shape the standards which affect the future of people, professionals, and animals across the USA.

Thursday, December 6

19:00 AEDT Sydney

“Putting the sentiment animal in a global model of animal welfare”

Antoine F. Goetschei J.D. General Manager,
President Global Animal Law
GAL Association

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Thursday, December 7

18:30 AEST Sydney

“Tomorrow’s Technology: Getting the consumer up close and personal with the sentient animal.”

Mr. Daniel Goldsworthy Public Law Academic, Victoria
Law School

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Who should attend?

Whether your interest in animals is personal, commercial or professional, or whether your involvement with animals is direct or indirect, then this is the webinar series for you to attend because this conference deals with the changes that will affect the livelihood of all those who interact with animals.

In order to demonstrate familiarity, competence and authority regarding current and emerging standards of animal welfare, you need to be clear about the subject matter of this online conference.

This webinar series is for you if you are in :

  • INDUSTRY- (e.g. breeding, research, producer, retailer). The changes in the rulebook are going to affect how you do business.

  • SERVICE PROVIDER- (e.g. legal advice,animal transport services, boarding facilities, livestock agent, scientist, conservationist, trainer. behaviourist). You need to know how the bar of responsibility, accountability and legal liability is shifting. You need to know how the bar of responsibility, accountability and legal liability is shifting.

  • ANIMAL HEALTH CARE - veterinarians, vet nurses/technicians









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